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Pore Minimizer Treatments

Pore Minimizer treatment- How effective can such a treatment be?

You are no doubt aware of pore minimizer treatment and perhaps wonder just how effective it can be. The main issue when considering any pore minimizer treatment is not simply keeping the pores as small as possible but also to keep the pores as clean as you can too. Larger pores tend to get clogged up with dead skin, bacteria and the skins natural oil, sebum, produced in the sebaceous glands. This results in the development of blackheads which in turn will require additional treatment. The clogging of the skin pores is a very common problem but with the correct treatment can be dealt with effectively.

Pore minimizer treatments

In essence, all pore minimizer treatments work through a process of cleaning and unclogging skin pores. By reducing the content of skin pores, the pores themselves reduce in size accordingly. Please remember though that as the pores start to fill up again with dead skin cells, dirt and sebum, the pores will increase in size. Looking after your skin is therefore an ongoing process.

Exfoliants- It is recommended that an exfoliant forms part of your regular pore minimizer treatment. Look out for an exfoliant containing salicylic acid. It acts as a skin cleanser without damaging or blemishing your skin further. If you couple that with a retinoid cream that helps stimulate collagen production and dissolve any over production of sebum, you will enjoy the benefit of ridding your skin of dead cells and supporting the skin tissue. The cream, together with the acid-bases exfoliant, act as an effective pore minimizer.

Facial steaming- It is important to understand the precise role a facial steaming can play in your pore minimizer regime. Steaming your face will actually open up your pores temporarily. This is necessary for effective cleaning of your pores and will reduce pore clogging with sebum. After steaming your face, apply cooler water to facilitate the closing of the pores. Facial steaming is not strictly speaking a pore minimizer treatment but has an important role to play in your overall skin care routine.

Photodynamic Therapy- Whilst often associated with cancer treatment, photodynamic therapy (PDT) can also be used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. A skilled practitioner will be able to apply a photosensitizing light source to the skin and kills off the bacteria that forms acne. The treatment also acts as a pore minimizer by shrinking the oil producing glands within the pores.


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